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PRTG roadmap 

This is a selected overview of PRTG features we are currently working on or will work on in the future.

Please be aware that some of the items may move or even disappear completely. 


working on

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Soffico Orchestra sensor

Monitor status and metrics of Orchestra channels and general system health.

The Soffico Orchestra Channel Health sensor is now available in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

Modbus TCP custom sensor

Monitor values from Modbus register or coil using Modbus TCP.

The Modbus TCP Custom sensor is now available in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

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OPC UA server status sensor

Monitor the status and session related counters of an OPC UA server.

The OPC UA Server Status sensor is now available in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

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Azure VM sensor

Monitor the performance and health of your Azure virtual machines.

The Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine sensor is now available in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

Azure subscription cost sensor

Monitor the overall cost of the subscriptions of your Azure billing account.

Azure storage account traffic sensor

Monitor traffic metrics such as total egress, total ingress, average latency, request breakdown, and capacity of your Azure storage account.

Azure SQL sensor

Monitor key database and performance metrics of your Azure SQL database.

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Dell EMC Unity VMware Datastore sensor

Monitor a VMware datastore on your Dell EMC Unity storage system.

The Dell EMC Unity VMware Datastore v2 sensor is now available in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

Dell EMC Unity enclosure health sensor

Monitor health status, cooling modules, temperature, power supplies, and more of your Dell EMC Unity enclosure.

OPC UA custom sensor

Select individual node IDs of your OPC UA server to create a custom sensor with your preferred data.

Try out an experimental version of this sensor in PRTG stable version 20.4.63.

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OPC UA certificate sensor

Monitor the certificate of an OPC UA server to get alerted on expiration date and key length. The sensor will also validate the certificate name against a given input.

Beckhoff IPC sensor

Monitor the system health of your Beckhoff industrial PCs.

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Veeam Backup sensors

Monitor a Veeam job by providing the appropriate backup and restore statistics.

Configuration viewer

Easily read and compare configuration files of PRTG servers in PRTG Desktop.

Widgets for PRTG mobile apps

Improved home screen widgets for PRTG for Android and new widgets for PRTG for iOS (iOS version 14 and later).



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Azure storage advanced sensor

Monitor detailed information about the files, containers, blobs, and queues of your Azure storage account.

PRTG Desktop multi server search

Perform a search on multiple PRTG core servers simultaneously.

Eaton UPS sensor

Monitor the status and battery health of your Eaton UPS.

HPE 3PAR sensor

Monitor the status and performance of your 3PAR storage system via the API that HPE offers.


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Palo Alto sensor

Monitor Palo Alto firewalls

Fortinet sensor

Monitor Fortinet firewalls

Folder v2 sensor

New state-of-the-art version of the Folder sensor with enhanced feature set.

New region for PRTG hosted by Paessler

Additional cloud region USA East for the hosting option of PRTG hosted by Paessler


looking at

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Object transfer between servers

Use PRTG Desktop to transfer objects between configurations of different PRTG servers.

PRTG Desktop multi server sensor sets

Group sensors from different PRTG servers in PRTG Desktop for a quick overview or to use them on your dashboards.


New RESTful API for PRTG.

Improved data representation

Better web-based visualisation of historic data in graphical form and a modern table-like representation for easier data filtering and consumption in a new web interface.

New Maps designer

A new and modern dashboard designer in a new web interface.

Further authentication options

Further authentication option including ways to use single sign-on or multi-factor authentication.

Meraki cloud management sensor

A sensor that monitors Meraki device metrics via the cloud-based dashboard.

SNMP BGP peer sensor

Monitor the availability of BGP peers on compatible devices via SNMP.

Subscriptions and payments (hosted PRTG)

We add yearly instead of monthly plans to PRTG hosted by Paessler and introduce payments via invoice.

REST custom v2 sensors

New basic and advanced versions of the REST Custom sensor.



Release notes

Please have a look here on our "Stable" Release Channel


Feature requests

Please have a look here on how to contribute feature requests. 


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