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Paessler SNMP Tester

Simple Debugging Tool for Monitoring Configurations that use SNMP

With SNMP Tester you can run simple SNMP requests against a device in your network. This test program is based on the SNMP technologies built into PRTG Network Monitor.

The idea of this program is to have a tool that enables the user to debug SNMP activities in order to find communication and/or data problems in SNMP monitoring configurations. If the SNMP connection works with this test program, it will also work with PRTG.

Improve your network monitoring

FREE DOWNLOAD SNMP Tester v5.2.3 (5 MB)

Greg, Technical Support at Paessler

Please download the current version above. For more details about SNMP Tester,
please download the manual as well. Any
feedback is welcome!


Download the ZIP file (see the Free Download button above), unzip all files into a folder of your choice, and run the snmptest.exe file from the ZIP file. For detailed information on how to use the program, please see the SNMP Tester manual.


This program is provided as a freeware and thus for free to Paessler customers, mainly as a diagnostic tool for 
PRTG users. Please understand that we cannot provide deep support for the program.



  • V5.2.3 (April 18th 2016): Maintenance release
  • V5.2.2 (March 9th 2016): Maintenance release
  • V5.2.1 (October 19th 2015): Support for hex bytes as return value type (for example, for MAC addresses)
  • V5.2 (August 13th 2015): SNMP Tester can now show the data type of an SNMP value
  • V5.1.3 (July 1st 2014): Fixed an error caused by very long OIDs
  • V5.1.2 (January 17th 2014): When checking "Uptime", the tester now uses two different OIDs
  • V5.1 (August 5th 2013): New stable version
  • V5.0.11 Beta (April 30th 2013): Beta version with enhanced options
  • V5.0.10 Beta (March 20th 2013): Beta version with enhanced options
  • V5.0.9 Beta (March 11th 2013): Beta version with enhanced options
  • V5.0 Beta (February 5th 2013): Beta version with enhanced options
  • V3.2 (December 2009): Added option to run scan every x seconds
  • V3.1f (August 2009): Maintenance release
  • V3.1b (May 2009): Maintenance release
  • V3.1 (Apr 2009): Added option to enable Single Get, added more debug output when scanning interfaces
  • V3.0 (Nov 2008): Updated for compatibility with PRTG 7, added OIDLIB support
  • V2.2 (April 2006): Improved error handling, minor bugfixes
  • V2.1 (April 2006): Enhanced SNMP management
  • V2.0 (March 2006): Added support for SNMP Version 2c and 3
  • V1.2 (November 2005): Added "Scan Interfaces" option
  • V1.1 (October 2005): Initial release